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If you are a resident of Portsmouth in need of domestic scaffolding or commercial scaffolding solutions, then you have come to the right place. R Rose Scaffolding has been operating from our Portsmouth site since 2015, making us a well-established name among local scaffolding companies. Our team of domestic and commercial scaffolders have been frequent visitors to our customers in nearby Portsmouth ever since we started trading. We provide essential scaffolding solutions to domestic customers and commercial clients alike, from simple scaffold towers to more elaborate bespoke scaffolding structures.

Whatever you need for your current project, R Rose Scaffolding is here to help.

Professional Scaffolding Solutions

in Portsmouth

As your local, family-run scaffolding firm, we have much to offer our customers in Portsmouth. Here are a few of our more popular services.

Domestic Scaffolding

Domestic scaffolding has become increasingly popular among Portsmouth residents home improvements or repairs on their own property. Safer, by far, than relying on a set of ladders, domestic scaffolding offers a roomy and secure platform from which to work. We provide and erect the perfect domestic scaffolding rig for you, designed to meet the specific needs of your project.

Commercial Scaffolding

Our commercial scaffolders work alongside businesses and contractors throughout the Portsmouth area, erecting quality commercial scaffolding solutions. Whether you own a commercial property that needs attention or are engaged in a building project, you can rely on us to deliver the right scaffolding rig for you. All our scaffolding structures are designed from scratch, ensuring a safe working environment.

Scaffold Towers

Scaffold towers are one of our most popular scaffolding solutions. Suitable for both domestic and commercial use, scaffold towers are easy to assemble in any situation. Our skilled scaffolding erectors work quickly and efficiently to put together strong and sturdy scaffold towers, providing easy access to hard-to-reach places. These include domestic roofs, lift shafts, chimney stacks, and more.

Bespoke Scaffolding

Not every repair or construction job can be resolved with a standard scaffolding solution. Many of them require something tailored to their specific requirements. Fortunately for our Portsmouth customers, we have the skill and the experience to create all kinds of scaffolding rigs. From lighting rigs and access platforms to walkways and temporary roofs, we can handle them all.

Why Choose R Rose Scaffolding?

Here at R Rose Scaffolding, we put the safety of our customers and their workers above all other considerations. Our domestic and commercial scaffolders check each new rig thoroughly as they build it, ensuring it is safe and secure. They inspect all poles, platforms, and connecting joints to guarantee a safe working space for you and your team.

We have been trading in Portsmouth for over five years, and have quickly established ourselves as one of the most reliable scaffolding companies currently serving the town. Much of that reputation is thanks to our experienced team of domestic and commercial scaffolders. Their decades of expertise ensure that all our local customers receive scaffolding solutions of the highest quality.

We are based right here in Portsmouth, making us well-placed to assist our neighbours throughout the town. We work closely with all our local customers, providing both domestic scaffolding and commercial scaffolding, wherever it is needed. Our proximity to our fellow Portsmouth residents ensures a prompt response to every query, as well as a punctual service on every job.

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